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NGL Lines its practice field at the Bolton Horse Ring.  This usually requires about 4 to 8 people and takes around 2 to 3 hours and should be done as early in the season as possible.   


From Dave O’Connor 9/19/2011


Use the Field Calculator tool (which is actually an Microsoft Excel spread sheet ) located on the NGL documents tab.

You will need to figure out overall desired field length i.e: full field = 330 ft or 1/2 field = 180 etc.  Check rule book for exact dimensions.

Once you have determined your field size, enter the numbers into the top of the spread sheet.  The rest is calculated in areas below.

Pull a center line.. Total distance of the field.  Mark the two points.

Each box then has two points to create a triangle.  The 3 measurements give a true angle of the posts.