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Overview of Positions

Goalie: Keeps the ball out of our goal, begins the break for our team to move the ball down the field with a clearing pass.

Defense: Marks up their girl (the other team's attack), stops at mid-field.

Attack: Attempts to score and dodge their defender (the other team's defense); stops at mid-field.

Mid-Field: Plays offense and defense; runs the entire field.

Technically, anyone can take the draw to start the game or after a goal is scored. In practicality - we will be having the Mid-fielders (middies) take the draw and take turns.

Basic Rules

One last thing to introduce at this point is some basic rules. At the U9 level, the rules are designed around player safety and keeping the experience enjoyable for everyone on each team, not just a single superstar who could dominate. Here are some rules to keep in mind and a link to the Mass Bay Girls Lacrosse League website for additional links and rules:

1) Three pass rule: Before we can take a shot on goal, we have to attempt three passes. The clear from the goalie after a blocked shot counts as one so then we will need at least two more. If we gain possession in the field (most often the case), then we will need all three passes from the field players.

2) No checking - at this age they are just not developed enough physically or mentally to be able to do this safely. Defense is very similar to basketball defense - when you are on defense watch for the ball and stay between the girl you are marking and the goal.

3) No "raking" or covering the ball: My only experience with lacrosse is girls lacrosse. I understand in the men's game that this is a legitimate move. Technically, in the open field where you do not gain an advantage by raking, it is legal to rake. At the same time, I am not confident that this nuance will be enforced consistently. Thus, we will teach no raking and encourage no raking.

Those are probably the three most common/pressing rules to get started. If you would like to read more (or if you have time), here is the link to the rules page.