About us

Our Mission

Nashoba Girls Lacrosse is a non-profit organization that teaches leadership, teamwork, and physical development through lacrosse. We are members of the Massachusetts Youth Lacrosse League and are committed to promoting strong competition and good sportsmanship at the youth level for all girls wanting to play the game of lacrosse.

Code Of Conduct


  • All players will be treated fairly and equally
  • The health and safety of the players are the coaches top priority
  • Coaches are role models for players and will act appropriately
  • Coaches will be consistent and honest and will maintain an open line of communication with parents.
  • Coaches are representatives of the Nashoba Girl's Lacrosse and will conduct themselves in a professional manner and in the best interest of the Club
  • Winning is a consideration but not the only one, nor the most important one. Coaches will focus on the overall development of the players.
  • Coaches will respect players, parents, officials, and opponents.
  • Profanity will not be tolerated.
  • Coaches will adjust to the personal needs and problems of players.
  • Verbal or physical abuse of a player or official will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary action.
  • Coaches will adhere to US lacrosse guidelines


  • Players are expected to attend and be on time for all practices and games, with few exceptions. Lacrosse is a team sport and all players are expected to play as a team member.
    • If unable to attend a practice or game, players are expected to notify the head coach in advance.
    • Any player missing a practice may be given less playing time during the following game.
    • Any player who is regularly late for practice and/or games will be given less playing time and may be subject to benching for upcoming games.
  • Players will come to practices & games ready to work. Horseplay will not be tolerated.
  • Players will respect the authority of the coaching staff and cooperate with coaches and teammates.
  • Player will show respect to their teammates, opponents, and officials.
  • Acting in an unsportsmanlike manner will not be tolerated and may result in benching or a suspension.
  • Players are representatives of the Nashoba Girl's Lacrosse and will conduct themselves properly and accept the consequences of inappropriate behavior.
  • The use of foul language will not be tolerated.
  • Any rough play will not be tolerated and may result in benching or suspension.
  • Players will never argue with the official's decision.


  • Parents will conduct themselves in a professional manner.
  • Verbal or physical abuse of players, parents, coaches, or officials will not be tolerated. Any parent not abiding by this will be suspended from practices and games. The length of the suspension will be determined by the seriousness of the situation.
  • Any issues that a parent has with any member of the coaching staff will be addressed through the team representative, in accordance with Club’s bylaws. Parents will not confront coaches directly. This process is in place to minimize disruption to the team and prevent disputes in front of the players.
  • Parents are expected to encourage fair play and good sportsmanship with their children. Remember, children learn by example.
  • Do not embarrass your child by yelling at players, coaches, or officials. Do not criticize players, coaches, or officials in front of your children.
  • Parents should emphasize skill development and practices and de-emphasize winning and competition in the lower age groups.
  • Know the rules of the game and support the officials.
  • Applaud a good effort in both victory and defeat and enforce the positive points of the game.
  • Do not force your children to participate in sports, but support their desires to play their chosen sport.
  • Recognize the importance of volunteer coaches. They are very important to the development of your child and the sport. Communicate with them and support them.


Nashoba Girls Lacrosse supports the Mass Bay Girls Lacrosse League's mission to promote girls youth lacrosse in a fun environment, while developing lacrosse skills, and emphasizing teamwork, good sportsmanship, and integrity. Teammates learn to work together and depend on each other while expanding their lacrosse knowledge. Working as a team is an important life skill learned from participating in team sports. With this in mind, Nashoba Girls Lacrosse expects a commitment equal to your commitment to other activities.

Commitment Pledge
I understand that I am enrolling my daughter in the Nashoba Girls Lacrosse program which focuses on fun, development of lacrosse skills, teamwork, sportsmanship, and integrity. I understand that being part of a team requires my daughter to attend practices and games. Since children may be participating in other extra curricular activities and/or playing multiple sports we expect there will be conflicts from time to time. Reoccurring conflicts must be discussed with the coach well in advance to work out a solution that shares the conflict equally among commitments.  Parents and players should be aware that if a player does not attend practice, her playing time may be reduced at the coach's discretion.


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